Bushra Bibi is not like Maryam Nawaz, as she does not wear makeup: Imran Khan




PTI Chairman Imran Khan who is frequently in the news for his unusual remarks has recently been making the rounds for comparing his wife to political opponent, saying Bushra Bibi is not like Maryam Nawaz because “she does not wear make-up”.

The comments are alleged to have been made during a meeting with journalists at Imran Khan’s Lahore residence in Zaman Park. The PTI chief reportedly said that his spouse does not wear make-up, but Maryam Nawaz spends plenty of money on cosmetic surgeries. Earlier, Imran Khan had also told media persons that Bushra Bibi only steps out of the house to visit asylums and langar khanas.

This is not the first time Imran Khan has taunted his female political opponent Maryam Nawaz on a personal level. Over the years, he has passed misogynistic remarks about her and other female PML-N workers several times, creating quite an outrage over the internet.