Social media users are collectively furious at Imran Khan and his misogynist comments towards wives who shop too much

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Why do men think that they made some spectacular joke by being extremely misogynist about what women like or do? Social media is collectively furious after a twitter user made a twitter thread of Imran Khan’s “thug life” moments, and which included a video clip during the time he had married Reham Khan and his misogyny is shocking to witness. In the clip, the interviewer was seen questioning Imran Khan on what he detests about women to which he had responded:

“It doesn’t matter how beautiful a woman would be, but they are all completely dense about what is going on in the world around them, and all they are concerned about is purchasing the latest clothes and handbags. If Reham ever asks me that she wants a handbag that is worth ten lac rupees, then i will simply divorce her.”


Why do men assume that they’re being “funny” by turning women, especially their wives, into punch bags by making such dehumanizing jokes about them? Imran Khan proved that despite his boasting that he has traveled the world, has a degree from Oxford University and has been regarded by Western elites as the most influential Pakistani in the world: his regressive mindset has had no impact because of it.

Women on social media were horrified at such shallow comments and had to question how was such a man considered to be capable of running a country when here he is seen casually making jokes about divorcing a woman over the most pettiest concern, when in this country a divorced woman is isolated by society.