Pakistanis show support for Shaniera Akram!




Shaniera Akram has been very vocal about her concerns with pollution in the country and has actively played her part by making an an effort to make the situation better by regularly reminding Pakistani citizens of the growing litter in public areas and the grave consequences of improperly disposing waste.

Recently she shared a post on social media which brought attention to the garbage-strewn Karachi Clifton beach. The sight was indeed a terrifying one as it showed a blanket of garbage covering the beautiful sand-bed of the beach. The coastline was alarmingly littered with plastic, a material which almost never decomposes!

Under the post she implored the cantonment board Clifton to place a few bins in the area to help encourage people to dispose off trash properly. Shortly after the post was put up on social media, the word spread like fire and now people really want Shaniera to officially take over the environmental department.
Here’s what they are saying:

We are truly glad to see that Shaniera’s efforts towards environmental control are not going unnoticed. In fact, she is being appreciated and supported for it.

We hope to see Shaniera’s vision of a cleaner and healthier Pakistan materialise soon and implore all to take littering seriously.

Please ensure that you dispose of all your waste properly and encourage all those around you to do so as well!