Shaniera Akram to Kardashians: Celebs who stirred controversy with their take on P@!”sT!ne




While many global icons like Christiano Ronaldo, Angelina Jolie and Zayn Malik have come out in support of P@!”sT!ne in light of the ongoing genocide, there were many celebrities who sparked controversy with their take on the issue.

The family of Kardashians were one such group when Hollywood diva Kim Kardashian recently shocked netizens with her “tone deaf” choice of Halloween costume for son, Saint West. Kardashian posted a picture of 7-year-old Saint dressed as a zomby version of Brazilian soccer player Neymar Jr. Saint wearing a tattered soccer costume covered in fake blood along with fake cuts to his face and body. Social media users were left to wonder as the image bore uncanny resemblance to a picture that recently went viral of a young blood struck child from the violence in Gaza.

Kardashian who is known for her spooky Halloween makeovers, often dressing up with her children for the event sparked concern among netizens, with the image and the gory reference it seemed to be making.

Meanwhile, leading American singer and actress Selena Gomez also loses fans and followers after her ‘disappointing’ statement amidst conflict. Gomez, the most followed woman celebrity on Instagram, wrote on her Instagram that she believed a single post wouldn’t change the world. “I wish I could change the world. But a post won’t,” she wrote. The musicians statement upset fans around the world, as they called out the singer for being ‘neutral’ and ‘hypocritical’. Selena announced she would be  taking a break from social media as her heart breaks seeing the violence and terror going around the world.

Activist Shaniera Akram also received a lot of criticism for the way she responded after Shaniera, who is known for being vocal on social concerns took to X sharing a rather vague statement about feelings of “helplessness caused by fear.” She held that she couldn’t find the words to articulate her feelings, and apologized if her statement offends anyone.

In response, many Pakistanis called her out for being at a loss of words for P@!”sT!ne when she’s always been so vocal about Pakistan.