Shaniera Akram wants people to donate their warm clothes to the poor for them to survive these winters

“Your donated blanket or jumper could save someone from catching pneumonia, hyperthermia or worse.”

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Shaniera Akram wants people to start remaining mindful of their privilege if they were able to seek shelter and warmth during these cold months. The social worker today posted a long note on her Instagram where she spoke about her latest initiative to donate old jackets and sweaters to the poor people in the streets in order to help them stay warm as the month gets colder and rainy weather begins.

On her Instagram post, Shaniera said that she wants every person out there to be considerate about those who are less privileged than them, and spoke about how her experience was like:

Yes the weather is nice, hope your all enjoying. But remember that out there on the street it was not so cozy. This morning was cold and wet and there were woman and babies soaked by the side of the road. The only bedding and clothing that many people own was drenched and muddy from last nights rain.
No I’m not posting these pictures for praise, I’m merely reminding everyone who sleeps in a warm bed at night that the cold months brings so many problems for people out on the street. These people are sooo grateful, the smiles I received today will stay in my heart forever. One little boy was bare foot and wet from rain and when I gave him a hoodie he gave me a smile like I had just given him a million dollars.
So if this makes an impact on you, Tomorrow morning take out what ever blankets, towels, jumpers, hoodies, scarves, old bedding and socks that you have and give them to those in need. If you go about 7am you will be able to see the people in need on the sides of the road, under bridges, in bushes, on the beach, in sand dunes, at intersections, under blankets in vacant plots and behind shops. Try to find them before they move on. Your donated blanket or jumper could save someone from catching pneumonia, hyperthermia or worse. So get out there and do your bit Karachi”


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This is such a heatwarming act Shaniera! We hope that more people are inspired by your actions and continue to take care of others less fortunate than them around us!