Shaniera Akram asks you to chose between wearing a seatbelt or enduring a lifelong physical disability!

The social worker took to social media to speak about the importance of road safety.




Australian social worker and wife of former Pakistani cricket team captain Shaniera Akram, who has long been speaking about road safety, recently took to social media to push for the need of wearing a seat belt. “All it takes is one car to hit your car and your life or your loved ones life could be over” she wrote.

The Australian activist took to her Instagram account to rub in the perils of disregarding the importance of wearing a seat belt to ensure safety while on the road.

“It doesn’t matter what distance you are traveling or how fast you are going. All it takes is one car to hit your car and your life or your loved ones life could be over”, she stressed.

The activist also posted the message on Twitter, asking her followers to make wiser choices.

“Fair enough, you don’t think you need to wear a seatbelt, that’s fine, that’s your life your risking! But what’s worse than you losing your life in a car accident? Living the rest of your life, every day regretting your decision to not put a seatbelt on your child !”, she wrote.

 Shaniera Akram recently also called out Pakistani television actors Ahsan Mohsin and Minal Khan for showing disregard for road safety by recording a video while driving and later also publicizing the footage on social media. “Come on guys, you’re famous and have millions of followers, is it too hard to be a little more responsible?”Shaniera questioned.

It seems like the foreigners in Pakistan are willing to behave way more responsibly than Pakistanis are themselves. This puts the age-old idea that citizens of a country are always more loyal to it than outsiders to question. We may have been wrong! Let us know your opinion in the comments below!