Shaniera Akram urges Pakistanis to save their environment!

Shanzay Salman

Shanzay Salman

Features Editor

Australian social worker and wife of former Pakistani cricket team captain Shaniera Akram has been making a conscious effort to reduce plastic waste and is ‘heartbroken’ to witness the ever-growing plastic waste on Karachi beach.

Being actively involved in The Akram Foundation, engaging in various kinds of social work, community service and charitable causes, Shaniera is now urging corporate food giants in Pakistan to take responsibility by “recycling their own cans, drink bottles, chip packets & food containers.” According to her the “best marketing tool”  they can use is promising the public a better environmentally safe future.

Taking to Twitter, she has urged people to push towards a culture where “the drink bottle you chose to buy not only will refund you a commission, it will give someone a job, contribute to cleaning our roads, ports, oceans & sewerage canals and also be recycled to go on to be used again & again!”

Owing to her philanthropic projects, Akram has been referred to as “Aussie Princess” of Pakistan, and has acquired a mass following on social media. Her work has included rehabilitating victims of the 2016 Lahore suicide bombing, raising charity for hospitals, promoting health and fitness, creating environmental awareness, speaking about road safety, recycling and clean drinking water.

Let’s try and play our own personal part in putting an end to plastic waste, saving our seas and helping Shaniera in her efforts to save our natural environment.