Shaan Tweeted About Ertugrul & Twitter Lost its Chill!



Shaan Shahid

Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid recently took to Twitter to respond to a troll comment highlighting the actor’s discontent with the viral Turkish series Ertugrul. The actor responded by saying that he does not need a show to help him learn his religion or gain any inspiration whatsoever and that there is nothing to be inspired by as the actors in show are merely there for some bucks!

The tweet quickly gained attention and got social media buzzing shortly after. While a few did agree with him in discrediting the serial for gaining any inspiration, many were quick to call him out for being hypocritical and unfair.

Here’s what he tweeted:

He tweeted, “Main apna deen dramoon or filmon sai nahee sekhtaa.. ALHAMDULLILLAH mujhay mairee Ama jan nai sikhaya hai ..or waisay yeh Bhai turkish actor Hai paisay lai kerna vozoo ker rahaain hain..”

To which people responded by:

We do think people may have taken it a bit too far when getting their point across (some tweets had to be filtered out). However, we also feel that Ertugrul has impacted everyone positively!

In an update later, Shaan tweeted again – this time in favour of the show. Here’s what he had to say:

Shaan Tweet

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