SC approves hearing Meesha Shafi in her complaint against Ali Zafar.



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In what is being described as a landmark judgement, The Supreme Court has granted leave to singer Meesha Shafi in the sexual harassment case against Ali Zafar. This means that the court has now accepted her complaint for hearing and will be reconsidering her accusations of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar, in order to assess whether they fall under the workplace harassment law.

Earlier in 2019, the High Court dismissed Shafi’s sexual harassment appeal against Zafar on ‘technical grounds’, rooting from the fact that because Shafi is a ‘self-employed person’, technically she and Zafar “did not have an employer-employee relationship”. On these grounds, the case could not be heard in that forum.

On her Twitter account, Shafi wrote, “Tomorrow, the Supreme Court of Pakistan hears my appeal on whether I, a ‘self-employed person’ have a right, as per the law, to be heard after being harassed and therefore expect justice on merit as an equal citizen.

She also added, “If ruled in my favour, this will be a landmark judgment in the history of Pakistan, determining those that are self-employed, as having the same rights to complain and seek justice as any other.”

Whatever outcome the case ultimately has, it seems to have made important changes in Pakistani history! Let us know what your perspective is on the situation by leaving us a comment!