Sana Javed’s Performance in Ruswai Wins Hearts!



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Source: Ary Digital

Ruswai just aired its 22nd episode, and shortly after, Sana Javed‘s performance as Sameera in the drama serial became the talk of the town and here is why!

Drama serial Ruswai tickles the sensitive subject of rape and the turmoil it causes. The title features Sana Javed as the rape victim as Sameera who is a doctor by profession and is married to Salman, played by Mikaal Zulfiqar. Ruswai’s latest episode left the viewers overwhelmed with emotions courtesy of Sana Javed’s heart-wrenching performance.

The latest episode showed the sad demise of Sameera’s father. The scene had the audience in tears and overwhelmed as the actress executed it with laudable precision.

The Twitterati have been singing praises of the Khaani actress and her moving performance. Here is what they had to say:

The Khaani actress undoubtedly executed her character to the core marking it as one of the most solid performances of her career!

Watch the latest episode below:

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