Ruswai: The price you have to pay for exchange marriages

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas


Ruswai has broken stereotypes and is an eye opener which addresses the stigma attached to women who get rapped and how they survive in the society afterwards.

Sana Javed (Sameera) who is playing the character of a doctor in the drama has a very independent and strong personality and someone who knows how to stand up of her rights. Sana in Ruswai is finding it hard to cope with the fact of not filing a case against her assaulter due to family pressures and her husband who thinks it will only bring shame if she tries to identify the rapists.

Ruswai clearly shows how women who get rapped are treated and how they are forced to not to identify the rapists as it will bring more shame to their families. In this drama there is another fact attached to it and that is the ‘Wata Satta” marriage which of course has a lot more typical pressures in our society.
Sana Javed, is forced to take back her case and not to identify the assaulters as it will bring danger to her siblings and Mikaal (Salman) who is playing the character of her husband will not get married to her which in return will affect the relation of her brother and his wife.

Our society is changing but these issues are still not being highlighted just for the fact that they will bring shame to the families and brings the fear to parents for their other children, especially daughters. “Wata Satta” marriage is another issue that has been highlighted in the drama that how it affects both the couples when any one of them is facing any problem.

We think that we need to come with more of such dramas and campaigns to bring awareness in our society that putting a finger on the victims’ mouth will bring nothing but will only add to the crime and will only encourage the assaulters in our society.

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