Samiya portrays a strong character that we need to see more of

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas


Samiya portrays a strong female character that we need to see more of

Ghisi Piti Mohabbat is a perfect combination of romance and comedy which blends in with some of the harsh realties of our society.

Unlike typical dramas being made these days in which girls are shown weak and crying all the time, bearing everything by their in-laws, this drama has shown a powerful girl who knows how to take a stand against cruelties.

The drama also has a sarcastic take on our society with highlighting some of the day-to-day issues in our homes with a light touch of comedy yet making everyone relate to them.

Samiya (Ramsha Khan) has been portraying the character of a strong and unapologetic girl who knows how to take a stand for herself and you wont be seeing her as a typical girl who would just for the sake of being married will tolerate her in-laws or her husband’s harsh attitude.

Samiya’s gold gets stolen and the drama took a turn when her husband Rizwan starts having an extra marital affair. Rizwan confesses that he stole her gold for another women and later ends up his marriage with Samiya for another women who is much older to him.

Fans love the idea of the drama that it does not drag anything. Samiya gets divorced by her husband and Rizwan is served with Karma as he gets rejected by the woman he was having an affair with.

Social media is full with amazing, love-filled messages for Samiya for playing the character of a strong woman who keeps on working after getting divorced and does not not settle with a man who cheats her.

We just cant wait for the next episodes to see how the drama further unfolds!!


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