Meenu ’s tragic death leaves fans heart-broken

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas



Meenu ’s tragic death leaves fans heart-broken!

Meenu (Areeba Habib) has been the one of the most appreciated character in the drama who has made all her fans love her role and her actings skills.

Jalan has been airing on Ary Digital since the 17th of June and stars Minal khan, Emmad Irfani and Areeba Habib in lead roles.

Jalan has been in the spot-light for various reasons. In the start the drama got alot of attention because of its cast and a romantic script. As the drama unfolded many got against it as Meenu’s (Areeba Habib) sister Nisha (Minal Khan) starts having an affair with her brother-in-law, Asfandyar (Emmad).

Pemra took notice and banned the drama for some weeks but it was back on screens after a couple of weeks and has been airing since then as per routine.

The drama has some mixed reviews from the audience. With some brilliant performances by Minal and Areeba both, there are many who do not like the script of the drama and want such dramas to be banned.

The drama just took a big turn!!

Meenu is divorced by her husband Asfandyar after she gives birth to their child. Nisha and Asfandyar get married and due to this news, Meenu commits suicide by burning herself and passes away.

Meenu’s tragic end in the drama has left fans sad and disappointed as she commits suicide leaving behind her new born child. Yet we all are eager to know what will happen next and how will Nisha be held accountable for what she has done.

The next promo shows some even more exciting clips where fans might see Nisha being served with Karma.

We just cant wait to see how the drama further unfolds for all the other characters.


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