Sajal Aly: We should focus on our industry instead of India



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Leading actress Sajal Aly recently appeared on a show where she expressed her opinion over the fact that Pakistani actors should focus on bettering the Pakistani industry by working here.

The subject came up when the show host questioned her about her opinion regarding whether Pakistan should take their films to India and Indian films should come to Pakistan, or whether she thinks that considering the current situation, cross-border screening would not be a very good idea. To this question, Sajal aptly responded by saying, “I don’t think it even matters whether movies should come and go from India or not.” She further added that actors should focus on their own Pakistani cinema, staying and working here to improve the situation by working here.

The actress appeared on the interview with co-actor Bilal Abbas Khan who will be starring opposite herย  in upcoming Khel Khel Mein, ย the first Pakistani movie to hit theaters after COVID-19. According to director Nabeel Qureshi, the production is a historic drama, revolving around a bunch of youngsters, who represent their narratives on historical events.

We agree with Sajal Aly’s positive views on self-improvement first in order to grow, instead of focusing on multiple aspects right, left and center! What are your opinions on the matter? Let us know in the comments below!