Saboor Aly: “television hosts need to stop asking us personal questions for ratings!”

The actress opened up about how show hosts have exploited personal events of guests for ratings, her close relationship with her sister in her interview with BBC Urdu

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Saboor Aly was the latest guest who sat down for an interview with BBC Urdu, where among the many topics, she opened up about her appearance on Amir Liaqat’s Ramazan transmission show where after receiving many uncomfortable comments from the former, the actress finally shut him down by saying: “I want you to look at me with bowed eyes. There should be shame and modesty in your eyes when you look at me.”

Looking back at that moment, Saboor said that she is not usually this much outspoken, but when the moment demands it she doesn’t hold back from speaking her opinion:

“I am not this much outspoken on camera this much and this did surprise me as much as everyone else was. I was not prepared that day to be outspoken on this moment, but when the moment came I felt that it did deserve an apt response.”

Opening up about how television hosts have began exploiting their guests’ personal emotions for the sake of ratings on interviews, the actress said that she is disappointed that this is what the entertainment industry has resorted to doing, and often hates it when people ask her questions on personal topics like her mother:

“I feel like television hosts today purposely try to find topics that are quite personal for their guests, so that their reactions when they are abruptly asked about them earn them ratings from audiences. I have had such instances when the host would ask me about my mother, and the camera would zoom on my face to record my reaction. My mother is a personal topic for me, and her death is a sensitive issue for me and my siblings and we don’t talk about it at all. But it’s a shame to see our industry exploiting other people’s pain to make some profit out of it.”

Other than this, Saboor Aly opened up about her close relationship with her sister and how it was her mother who had pushed her into working in the entertainment industry when originally, Saboor said she wanted to become an aeronautical engineer:

“My sister and I are very close but we don’t talk about our projects with each other at all. I pick up projects o my personal choices, and sometimes they don’t work out but I stand by them…My sister and I did not come to this industry together. She came here first, and I came quite reluctantly because I wasn’t sure this was the right field for me. I had originally wanted to become an aeronautical engineer, but my mother saw how Sajal was quickly becoming a household name, and pushed me to follow her path. I’m grateful that I listened to her advice, and I worked hard and it was my mother’s dedication which is the reason why I’ve come this far.”


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Saboor Aly also discussed the influence of social media and how it has encouraged her to remain private and share less instances of her life with the public. She said that social media has become a toxic place, but she only uses it for work purposes:

“Social media has indeed become quite a toxic place that I do wish to leave it completely. But it is so closely tied with my work and I have to keep it solely for that reason. I do feel that even if you upload a post about something that makes you happy, but the public will shift it into a toxic thing which has a bad effect on your mental health.”

You can watch the complete interview below:


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