Twitter weighs in on the finale episode of sabaat

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas


Sabaat ends with an impactful message & fantastic performances!

Sabaat started to air on Hum Tv with Sarah Khan, Mawra Hocane, Ameer Gilani and Usman Mukhtar in lead roles. The drama started off on a light note with Sarah Khan’s role being very highlighted.

Sarah khan played the character of a girl named Meeral, which got alot popularity because of her chic wardrobe and her head strong role. Meeral belongs to an elite class family and is shown very controlling and egoistic. Her father Seth Fareed is a wealthy businessman and who supports her in all her wrong decisions. Her brother Hassan (Ameer Gilani) on the other hand was shown a very down to earth person like his mother.

Anaya (Mawra Hocane) plays the character of an ambitious girl and a women’s rights activist, studying at same university as of Hassan’s.

Things take a turn when Hassan and Anaya get married and Meeral just cannot handle her feelings when it came to accept Anaya as their family member who belonged to a middle class family. Meeral gets married to her doctor, Haris (Usman Mukhtar and is shown to have a very unhappy married life with him.

The drama was a treat to watch!! Anaya’s character was praised and admired for being very strong and not being dependant on her husband, who goes for separation over a misunderstaning created by his sister, Meeral.

The way Anaya takes care of her new born child and her mother after her father passes away gave a strong message to all the women and single mothers out there.

The drama ends with an impactful message for everyone who is very proud. The drama shows that one needs to be very down to earth and should value our relationships and should not take our loved ones for granted.

Anaya and Hassan sort out their differences and start a happy married life once again making fans very happy and content with the ending.

Meeral also gets to learn a lesson for her harsh attitude with everyone. She meets with an accident and learns the value of relationship when her husband comes to take her along.

We hope and wish to see many more such great dramas on our screens soon!!

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