Rohail Hyatt receives flak for mansplaining menstruation to women



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Pakistani record producer Rohail Hyatt recently made a comment relating to menstruation which did not settle too well with female Twitterati, who claimed he seemed to be doing what they consider to be ‘mansplaining’ the matter to them.

It all began when the Coke Studio 14 producer gave out advise to a woman who had posted about her menstruation issues. Advising her on how to deal with her period pain he told her to ‘accept’ the process of menstruation. “Very important to understand and realise the subconscious aspect of this sadness. Since at our root layer, survival of our species is our primary function, shedding an unused egg post ovulation triggers a deep ‘missed opportunity’ emotion wave. Acceptance helps”, he wrote.

His comment however, did not go well with women on Twitter who immediately called him out for giving out advise on a matter he did not have any real life understanding about- to women who deal with the issue on a monthly basis.

This is not the first time that Rohail Hyatt has attracted controversy because of his opinions regarding women and the issues they face. Prior to this, he also sparked outrage on social media for defending Prime Minister Imran Khan’s controversial comments on the matter of rape.