Rohail Hyatt requests help after unknown company falsely claims Coke Studio song ‘Jugni’ on Youtube




Pakistani music producer and musician Rohail Hyatt took to social media to voice concern over the fact that he does not have copyrights to the Coke Studio song ‘Jugni’ on YouTube, and a company by the name of ‘Bquate SAC’ has falsely laid claims to the song, which undoubtedly belongs to Hyatt!

The song ‘Jugni’ which was sung by Arif Lohar and Meesha Shafi and featured in Coke Studio Season 3 was produced by Hyatt, who was the Producer of the show at the time. Around the same time in 2010, the music video for ‘Jugni’ was uploaded to Hyatt’s official YouTube channel gathering more than 76 million views since then.

Addressing the matter, Hyatt posted a Tweet saying that a company that was not affiliated with the creation of ‘Jugni’ has claimed copyrights licence of the song on YouTube. “With much controversy over copyright infringement recently, here I am with a claim on YouTube. A company called Bquate SAC has claimed ‘Jugni’ and even after disputing it, they retain their claim. Team YouTube, please help claim it back!” he posted.

This does not seem to be the first time Bquate SAC has falsely claimed another artist’s property as their own. A Twitter user commented on Hyatt’s tweet and shared a tweet by another artist who accused Bquate SAC of stealing the copyrights of their song.