Rishta aunty, Mrs.Khan and her reasons for divorce

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas


In our society where depression and anxiety are becoming very popular another main concern is the short span of marriages and the increase in number of divorces going on. There is no doubt in this that our society is facing a lot of problems in finding the right match to get married to and with the passage of time and the way our society has evolved the level of patience in both the genders have decreased to a great amount.

We definitely do not think that there are only negative aspects related to getting married but are many positive too. We believe that since a couple of years both the genders and their families have become a bit more understanding  and everyone has been given enough liberty to live their life the way they want to.

A Tv channel 92 News’ morning show ‘Subh Savaray Pakistan’ had divorce and its side effects on children as a topic for discussion. The panel had psychiatrist, Dr. Naushaba Manan who came up with some very valid points saying that divorce is toxic in a way that it disturbs the environment of the house and when a child sees his/her parents not being happy or abusive to one another that is what damages the child’s psyche.

Among these intelligent women, the panel also had Mrs. Khan who is commonly known as the ‘rishta aunty’. She has made an appearance on many tv shows, made her official match-making pages famous through these morning shows and is somehow known for her blunt attitude. She raised her voice on a caller saying that the main reason for divorce is that women nowadays aren’t taking good care of their husbands. She came up with her point of view (yelling) that women these days do not control their tongue which is why the rate of divorces has increased in our society.  To her not making ‘gol roti’ on time, not setting husband’s clothes and shoes in place, and not keeping her mouth shut; all has provoked men to divorce their wives. She further added that if a woman can’t do all this she should not get married nor she is considered a proper woman.

The internet started back lashing her for coming up with such inappropriate comments against women. We need to remind, Mrs. Khan that we live in 2019 where women are working side by side to men and many are supporting their families and husbands too. We need to get out of this toxic and old school  approach and mind set of women being staying at home and spoon feeding their husbands which alot of men in our society have actually moved on with.

Mrs.khan needs to know that all this debate had nothing to with divorce and its side-effects on children and we think all she has is wasted is her time and energy.