Conceptualized in 2009 and established in 2015, an aspiring designer contemplated that would later become one of the country’s most recognizable luxury fashion houses. Just 5 years later, Rici Melion now stands out to be the finest grandeur label with nothing less than expert tailoring and sleek, luxury garments. Rici Melion brings all the qualities of classic British with sleek Italian elegance to the world of men and women tailoring. While the label is undoubtedly boundary- pushing, its haute couture pieces still retain a sense of understated, classic elegance and grace. Years onwards and the luxury label that resulted from forever and a day of hard work, is the epitome of classic panache while the brand attires consequently exude nonchalance that comes only with expert craftsmanship and dexterity.

Apart from just the retail manifestation, Rici Melion remains one of the industry’s finest and unsurpassed digital performers as well, by leveraging digital storytelling, elevated ecommerce, and a relentless drive to experiment and innovate online, that cultivates continuing interest in the brand’s legacy. The brand is also a colossal advocate for mental health. A minimum of 15 percent of all proceeds from Rici Melion go to ‘Better Me Therapy’- a Rici Melion Mental Health Foundation that aims to end stigma around mental illness.

The golden mile of tailoring saw a boom with the eastablishment of Rici Melion’s made-to-measure suits led by creative director Noaman Zakir. Today, the brand has a thriving ready-to-wear line to complement its bespoke services along with luxury accessories and footwear. Rici Melion has also created a separate identity to its Eastern line entitled as ‘Rici Melion East’, showcasing a refined aesthetic where every piece is made combining the expertise of specialists and the artistry of master tailors. Rici Melion East captures the ambiance of the bygone era of the Nawabs and Begums. While some of this glory can still be witnessed in what they left behind, Rici Melion East is here to continue to depict their royal legacy.

Rici Melion maps the dreams of its patrons by conveying a detailed progression of design, texture and silhouette as well as intricately embellished haute couture. The unmatchable bespoke pieces are custom fitted flawlessly in the light of skilled craftsmanship and top notch design, keeping the prerequisites of the wearer. The products are produced using the world’s finest fabrics, all constructed by the brand’s in-house mill, and made completely by hand by some of the most endowed tailors where 32 of them work for 27 hours on each piece. 5 percent of the brand’s resources goes into research and development, with 45 staff members dedicated to creating 3,500 new prototypes annually, which is why a Rici Melion product looks like nothing other than a Rici Melion product. It also claims an unrivalled record of more than 60,000 m of vintage fabric, resulting in a suit that has already lasted a lifetime, and will continue to do so.

As a couturier, Rici Melion delights its patrons with the best of services and fulfillment, providing what the brand preaches, The Finest Luxury.