‘Revert back to Allah’: Noor Bukhari advises Mahira Khan on depression




Former Lollywood actress, Noor Bukhari advises Mahira Khan on dealing with depression saying she should ‘revert back to Allah’. Noor’s advice came after the Raees star recently revealed her battle with manic depression for the past few years.

While many applauded Mahira for being brave enough to talk about her mental illness, Noor had some advice. “The soul needs to connect when you are having this kind of feeling; it’s the time to receive the call and change your path”, wrote Noor.

Mahira Khan had disclosed her ongoing battle with mental illness in an emotionally charged podcast with Frieha Altaf. The actress also revealed that she had been diagnosed with manic depression and has been on antidepressants for seven years now. The news had sparked a viral conversation on social media about mental health and illness. Meanwhile, Noor Bukhari’s advice ignited controversy, as many felt upset by Noor suggesting that depression could be a result of a lack of faith in Allah.
Like all sicknesses depression too is a biological illness, caused by chemical changes in the brain requiring meticulous medical attention and care. While prayers and faith in Allah are foremost in helping against the illness, like all other matters- it may be upsetting to victims to suggest that their sickness is a result of not being religious enough or close enough to Allah!