Ramadan Series: Sehris begin and twitter is on a roll!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

It’s Ramadan already! Yay!
Many muslims around the globe will be keeping their first sehri today which gives twitter all the more reason to be on a roll. While some of us are worried about comprimising on our precious sleep time, some are worried about what to and what not to eat.
Scroll down to see what twitter has to say:

You’re not alone fella!

Missing our homies like….

#OOTN for the next month

Do you relate or do you relate?

Quarantine diaries

Can you not????

Can you not???? ( Part 2)

That time of the year again

The games begin! Which team are you on:Sehri or Suhoor?

We hope Ramadan proves to be enlightening for all of us especially this year when we all are locked in. We all need to remember that this year’s situation expects us to be more generous and kind towards others and those in need. Also, try to be easy on yourself as well, we will all sail through! Hoping for a happier and healthier future. Stay happy, stay kind and try to pray as much as you can!
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