Ramadan Quarantine; How will it be different this year?

Mahrang Anwer

Mahrang Anwer

Ramadan is just a couple of hours away. This year around it will be nothing like the Ramadan’s we have been spending the past years. With quarantine already looming over us, this Ramadan will have an element of erraticism.

How will this Ramadan be different than the past ones?

Starting with the obvious eating out at Sehri and Iftar, this year the breaking of fast will have to be done at home. Which means the chefs inside of us can get extremely creative to curb those restaurant cravings.


Families  will be staying in and working from home which means the fasting hours may seem longer than they usually do as we tend to kill some time at work or just driving back and forth. Prayers will have to be performed at home. With all those activities out of the equation. It might be a little tricky to pass the fasting hours productively with the provision of a comfortable bed. Luring us into procrastination.


All those fried delicacies filling the air at dusk with an appetising scent that grabs it’s customers in crowds.As crowded places must be avoided, we will have to let go of this association we previously had with Ramadan.

This year will be a little more about sharing than celebrating and rejoicing the Holy month. As our communities suffer from unemployment and health limitations, we might be experiencing Ramadan in it’s true essence.

Giving alms, sharing what we have, helping and building our fellow beings to share their burdens and pass on blessings. This year, the prayers will be at their truest and purest, the act of fasting will bring hearts even more closer to the less fortunate, the unnecessary elaboration of feasts will be cut down and Ramadan might just be practiced in it’s ultimate essence.