Rabia Anum calls out disgraced ARY anchor Ashfaque Satti for attempts to silence her over domestic violence allegations

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


On Sunday, ARY news anchor Ashfaque Satti went viral on social media after his wife Nomaika shared trigger pictures and screenshots of the FIR she had filed after suffering from domestic violence in her marriage. The post led to extreme backlash and several celebrities publicly announcing their support for Nomaika, while calling for the police to arrest the former anchor.

Media personality Rabia Anum, who was among the celebrities to condemn the violence Nomaika faced, also criticised Ashfaque’s attempts to silence her with the help of his friends. In a post on X (formerly Twitter) Rabia called out those attempted to dissuade her criticism using accusations like ‘hasta basta ghar tabah hogaya’, and wrote domestic abusers deserve no sympathy for the abuse they inflict upon others.

“I’ve been Getting message from some “friends” of Ashfaque Satti that he thinks i should stop talking about the case and that he feels Terrible now because ‘the media is puting him under an unfair trial’ or ‘a happy and peaceful home has been destroyed’. All I want to say is Ashfaque sahab why can’t you handle a little bit of media scrutiny, because the wounds on her body are still fresh. Why are you suddenly trying to silence me?”


Rabia had urged other women to remember to never stay silent about the people they know are inflicting abuse upon others, and to break of ties with anyone who is an abuser.

“I understand its difficult to speak against someone who you are friends with. and when your friend is involved in something as gruesome as this you don’t want to believe it. In that case it’s better to stay quiet rather than supporting the Abuser. Domestic Abuse has No Other Side. Aap kehtay hain Aurat badzubaan ha to Aap usse rishta khatam karen , us aurat ko khatam naa karen.”


Other celebrities like actress and singer Ayesha Omar sent their sympathies to Nomaika on her Instagram account, and also prayed for her quick recovery.

Actress Armeena Khan expressed her outrage on the news, and sent solidarity to other women who were suffering in abusive marriages.