Quarantine Content We Need? Amna Baber’s Tiktoks!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor
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We all need to agree that our social media and netflix consumption is keeping us sane these days. However, when celebrities make the effort of going a notch up to keep us entertained we can’t help but appreciate them. Lately, Amna Baber has been posting Tiktoks on her instagram acount which are giving us the fits. Have a look yourself! Thank us later!

Spring Cleaning….In Style!
Brownie points for the creativity plus the hilarious end!!

So so so good!
On point or on point? We need you in our dramas AmoB!

Such acting skills!
Doesn’t skip a beat😮

Throwing it back
Doing the funniest dialogue from Tannu wed Mannu returns and HOW! Skills!

She also did the infamous #don’t rush challenge, and do we even need to say? We’re super impressed (that highlighter though).

Now that we’re at it, can we take a moment to appreciate her style sense, there’s nothing literally nothing wrong with this picture, I repeat nothing! Perfect from every angle! #AllDressedUpAndNoWhereToGo- we feel you girl!
Had fun looking at these, head over to Amna Baber’s instagram account for more of these!
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