Prem Gali’s latest episode has Twitter’s heart!



Prem gali

Prem Gali just aired its 13th episode and as usual, the audience really appreciated the episode altogether. From the light-hearted storyline to quality comedy with a tinge of sweet romance, the drama serial truly sets itself apart from other serials being aired these days.

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The latest episode of Prem Gali covered the preps of Hamza and Joya’s much awaited wedding along with Luqman’s interference. The episode followed the them of the serial – it was light-hearted with a tinge of wittiness. The episode hinted on Javed Sheikh’s entry in the drama serial and since then the audience has grown very curious and ecstatic at the same time. Hamza and Joya’s wedding is set in the upcoming episode.

The audience took to Twitter for the routinely weekly feedback of the serial’s episode and this is what they had to say:

The viewers of Prem Gali took to social media to appreciate the well-written scenes and dialogue in the drama serial as well as the casts’ quality performances.

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