After Espresso, popular Lahori eatery Masoom’s shuts down all of its branches




Twitterati share their sadness as one of Lahore’s best and oldest bakeries Masoom’s shuts down all of its branches. Although the bakery has now partnered with Lettus Kitchens “to make Masoom’s desserts available across Pakistan”, customers are sad about the eatery shutting down its branches.

Masoom’s- being the first bakery to introduce the concept of coffee houses in Lahore quickly rose to fame in the 2000’s. The bakery launched a new line of desserts and savory treats, including pancakes and cheesecakes, and soon became a trending spot for teenagers in the city.

Learning about the shut down of the branches, a lot of twitter users shared their memories of the place and the food it served.

Many also inquired into the reasons for the shut down, as it follows the closing down of ‘Espresso’ another popular coffee house which shuts down in Lahore for reasons which are still not confirmed. Could it be because of the rising competition by international brands like Tim Hortons? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section.