PML-N loses by-election but Maryam Nawaz still winning as Queen of Twitter



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PML-N faced defeat in the Punjab by-election held Sunday, but the party’s Vice President Maryam Nawaz is still ruling over netizens as #MaryamNawaz memes trend on Twitter.

As unofficial results of the election started pouring in, showing the PTI taking the lead, Maryam took to Twitter saying the defeat should be accepted with an open heart if it is the decision of the public. She added that winning and losing were part of politics, therefore, the party should now focus on its weaknesses, identify them, and then overcome them. “God willing, everything will be fine,” she said.

Soon after the election results came out showing PTI taking the lead in the majority of the 20 provincial assembly constituencies which were up for voting. However, #MaryamNawaz still remains the Queen of Twitter as she trends over Twitter as netizens love, laugh and hate her, doing everything but ignoring the PML-N leader.

Some shared old videos of the party leader, referring to an earlier ‘ibrat naak shikast’ of PTI.

Many PML-N supporters still pledged allegiance to the leader referring to her as ‘Qaum ki deyr beyti’.

Others joked about Maryam’s earlier speeches where she mocked Imran saying “Tumhara kya pata? Na tumhara agla pata na tumhara pichla pata.”

While many PTI fans still made memes enjoying their victory.