#ImranKhanVoiceofKashmir trends worldwide after PM Imran Khan’s address at the UN General Assembly

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

PM Imran Khan ‘s intense speech at United Nations General Assembly has the nation rooting for him. His ability to employ words in a manner only known to great world players has rekindled the nation’s support for him that had died down under the burden of increasing petrol prices and taxes.

Prime Minister Imran Khan took upon himself to highlight some crucial challenges that are faced by Muslims on an everyday basis owing to Islamophobia.
While the nation was very well aware of his power with words, his ability to talk about Kashmir in a way that evokes global consciousness was still being questioned. To every Pakistani’s relief, he gave an intense speech highlighting the atrocities being committed in Kashmir and the curfew that has crossed the 50 day mark.

He mentioned that “100,000 Kashmiris have died in the past 30 years because they were denied their right of self-determination. Eleven thousand women were raped.”
Furthermore he said “It is arrogance that has blinded Modi. Has he thought about what will happen after the curfew in Kashmir is lifted?”
His mention of a potential bloodbath really threw light at the sensitive position Kashmir holds for this region.
The leader also emphasized the role and responsibility of United Nations “…..UN has a responsibility; this is why the UN came into being in 1945. You were supposed to stop this from happening.”
Our social media news-feeds are bombarded with tweets from people all over the world supporting the cause for which Prime Minister Khan took a stance for at the General Assembly.
Various noted personalities also tweeted, here’s a look at some of them:

All we can hope for is peace in the region and intelligent decisions at the hands of global leaders that can help sustain that peace.