PEMRA issues notice to Neo Tv for airing objectionable content on Morning show

Neo Tv called to accountability for inappropriate, distasteful and irresponsible content



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Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority, PEMRA has issued a notice to Neo Tv for airing objectionable content over its 17th May telecast of a Morning show.

PEMRA has called for an explanation of Neo Tv’s 17th May telecast, on accord of the conflict that took place between guests who were invited on the show, inappropriate language used on the show and irresponsible and unprofessional conduct and behavior of the show host.

The content aired consisted of some guests who had been invited to partake in regular morning show activities, when suddenly a nonsensical dispute erupted over the guests who began engaging in inappropriate and uneducated arguments. A certain comedian who was also a guest on the show misbehaved severely with a female guest on the show, making extremely rude and distasteful remarks. The show host further made the situation worse failing to control the matter and instead making uninformed remarks.

Soon, the show turned into a mindless and distasteful brawl showcasing Neo Tv in a negative light, discrediting the TV channel before its many viewers. However, despite all prevailing distaste, vulgarity and non-professionalism the show continued, with all the guests continuing to participate as if nothing big had happened until the very end.

In lieu of this, Neo Tv has been called by PEMRA to explain all the misconduct within a period of 14 days.

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