Pehla Roza! Twitter is giving us the feels

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

How is the pehla roza going fellas! Guzar jaye ga, guzar jaye ga!
We hope all of our readers are motivated for this month and are looking forward!
Scrolling through twitter we found some tweets that gave us the giggles, scroll down for our faves! Looks like Ramadan is going to make our social media consumption way more funnier which is good conidering the lockdown is pulling us all down.

The struggle is real

Missing our daily strolls to the fridge

Deep in thought-chirri not chirri
Koi nai koi aisa tou zaroor hota hai

Send help

Hungry and hangry

Please, not today!

That’s all of us!

Jokes apart, we hope your first roza isn’t getting hard on your nerves. We also hope that the twitterati keeps entertaining us with fun tweets and memes this month. Honestly, it keeps us sane. Furthermore, we hope everyone’s also helping their mothers out with all the iftari preps, she needs the help even if she isn’t asking for it. Ramadan is all about being the best version of yourself, we sincerely wis you and us can all try to do that.
Happy Fasting!
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