Pakistanis on Twitter are Halloween ready!



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Source: Pakistan Today

Halloween is upon us and even though Pakistan doesn’t really consider it a celebratory occasion or an occasion at all, Pakistanis on social media are feeling all kinds of things about it!

Many took to Twitter to express their views on the event as the hashtag #Halloween begins to trend globally on the social media site. Here’s what they are saying:

In the west, Halloween is a popular event where people dress up and kids go trick-or-treating knocking door-to-door in their respective neighbourhoods. People decorate their homes with all things ‘spooky’ and carve pumpkins to keep outside their doors.

So what really is the idea behind Halloween? As known to us, Halloween begins the observance of Allhallowtide, this is the time in the liturgical year essentially dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints, martyrs and all the  departed souls!

However regardless of the idea behind Halloween and the fact that the nation does not celebrate it as a national event, Pakistan remains divided as some celebrate by holding Halloween parties and get-togethers while others just pass on it as a normal day. Let us know which category you fall in by leaving a comment on our Instagram page!

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