Pakistanis Share Heartwarming ‘First Salary’ Stories!




Getting your very first salary is surely an overwhelming experience. So many thoughts run through your mind, throwing reality checks our way making us wonder perhaps adulthood really has it us. One second pride gushes through our veins and the other we’re questioning ourselves! It’s truly a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Fact is, your very first salary can be any amount whatsoever, it’ll always stay special to you and close to your heart till the end of time.

In a very interesting thread on Twitter, Pakistanis around the world came together to share their ‘first salary’ stories to inspire newbies and those who are just starting off! Reading such heartwarming stories is bound to make you smile and reminisce about your very first salary experience.

Here are only a few of the many wonderful stories we read and thought of sharing:

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Some of these stories reflect on struggle and mediocre digits yet massively speak of appreciating whatever you have and believing in yourself. In some stories, people have started off with low amounts and now are doing extremely well. It’s all a journey and we hope those starting off can benefit from the valuable lessons from the shared experiences.

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