Pakistani Kids Are Paying Heartening Tributes to Healthcare Workers!



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Source: Twitter

In this current hour of need, it would be factually correct to state that every single person on the face of planet earth is immensely grateful and thankful for all the healthcare workers – doctors, nurses and the paramedic staff altogether.

While we keep ourselves safely isolated in the comfort of our homes with our families, healthcare workers are risking their lives as they spend their time in hospital facilities away from their loved ones, saving lives day and night!

To show these heroes some love and support for their much appreciated efforts, Pakistanis have come together on social media to pay heartwarming tributes.

However, it is so heartening to also see children not only understand the intensity of the ongoing pandemic but also fully participating to show their solidarity with healthcare workers! Pakistani children are paying tribute to healthcare workers in various ways which are not only heartwarming but also extremely meaningful.

Here’s what they have to say to all the doctors, nurses and paramedical staff!

While the world comes together to establish strong pillars of support in these testing times, we hope that you are keeping safe by practicing self isolation and taking all necessary precautions to fight the pandemic.

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