Pakistani Twitter starts a petition to defend Naseem Shah against bullies

Fans rushed to the cricketer’s defense after Indian Twitter mocked him for his English speaking skills.

Shanzay Salman

Shanzay Salman

Features Editor

The internet seems to have a new sweetheart Naseem Shah– and Pakistani Twitter went as far as starting a petition to defend him against bullies fans mocking him for his English speaking skills.

A video clip featuring 19-year-old Shah and Mohammad Nawaz discussing technology recently went viral on Indian Twitter, in which Shah spelled out brand Lenovo mispronouncing it as “Lenevivo”. The PSL video prompted some nasty reactions about Shah’s English which didn’t settle well with the cricketing star’s massive fan following.

Netizens rushed to the pacer’s defense and even went as far as getting a petition to change the official pronunciation of the brand Lenovo to ‘Lenevivo’, in efforts to show support for the young cricketer in the face of haters and those making fun of him.

Pakistani users seem to raise a very valid concern pointing out the colonized mindset behind users who were mocking a Pakistani cricketer for not having expert knowledge of a foreign language – which is actually not that big of a deal to begin with!