Pakistani students stuck in Ukraine request for government’s help to evacuate the country after Russian attacks

“We’re helpless because we’re stuck here and no one from the Pakistani Foreign Embassy is helping us escape”

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Pakistani students who are currently stuck in Ukraine have reached out through social media to reveal that they were still stuck in Ukraine and have not received any kind of assistance from the embassy to escape back home. A video circulating online shows footage of students stuck at an airport in Kharkio where bombings by the Russians are still ongoing. Students have revealed that they were promised by the Pakistani embassy that incase the situation gets dangerous, they would be provided with assistance through flights back home and yet there has not been any response from them despite the city getting even more dangerous

Other videos are also being uploaded by the students of their current conditions, which show them being stranded on airports where they are waiting for the government’s assistance to leave the area immediately

Journalist Roohan Ahmed has shared a clip received from Pakistani students studying at the Kharkiv Medical University, who have revealed that they have been stranded at the Metro Subway station since early morning where they have not received anything to eat or drink, and there has not been any government assistance provided to them to leave the country