Pakistani Actresses With YouTube Channels

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor
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Among the many mediums used by celebrities to connect with their followers, YouTube is a popular choice. What we appreciate the most is the consistency with which they post and make that extra effort to engage with their audience. It allows their fans to know more about the personal tastes and in return allows them a platform to show their real self and skills. After all we all want a makeup tutorial from our favorite celebrities right? Scroll down for our favorite channels:

Saba Qamar
Saba Qamar’s youtube channel recently featured an a satire episode on Pakistani talk shows and honestly we felt like it was much needed. This is only the start of her YouTube career, looking forward to what comes next.

Ayesha Omar
The all in one channel makes you subscribe to it after watching one video. From quarantine workout to style features, Ayesha’s channel has got it all!

Hania Aamir
With all the rona dhona going on the screens, it’s always fun to check out what goes behind the making of those scenes. Hania’s vlogs help you do exactly that. Furthermore she keeps us posted with her travel, lock down and quarantine routines as well.

Iqra Aziz
With all of us locked in our houses, we all have been trying our hands on baking-Iqra Aziz is no different as she helps us bake as well in this video. She features various stuff on her  channel which keeps us updated with her day to day life..

Hira Tareen
Hira has a very interactive account with a very huge following. From funny challenges to ‘what’s in my bag videos’ you can find all in her channel!

Arij Fatyma
Arij is also another Youtuber who’s been making videos for a very long time and has a good following as well. She’ll help you with all the beauty secrets that were a secret but not anymore!!!

Noor Bukhari
Noor has a very diverse account which deals with religious videos as well as other videos relating to beauty.

Juggan Kazim
Being a morning show host, Juggan knows how to carry a video. There’s a certain spark in her personality which is evident in her videos. Her videos are organized and deal with health, beauty and diet.

Hina Altaf
Hina likes to post relatable stuff that engages her audience with her. She likes to post vlogs as well plus videos with workout tips and behind the scenes of her shows.

Looking forward to more content from these divas.
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