Pakistan ‘s YouTubers Are Upset – Channels Being Hacked

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas

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Pakistan ‘s YouTubers Are Upset –  Channels Being Hacked

Recently a lot of hacking incidents have been happening in Pakistan and majority of the cases that are being reported are of websites being hacked.

A week ago after the start of the first Pakistan vs. England test, Indian hackers hacked the PTV Sports official website. Hacked by Raavan’ was the message being displayed at the front page of the website with an additional message saying ‘India is a peaceful country’.  PTV was able to get the website back in just no time and started off with their routine usuage.

DAWN TV, was also hacked a couple of days ago as the Indian flag was displayed on the screen with Happy Independence Day texts.

Recently, some more hacking cases have been reported and this time they are of YouTube accounts being hacked. Prominent YouTuber, Raza Samo’s YouTube account got hacked and social media is a buzz with talks of a YouTube office in Pakistan to address the grievances of content creators.

Raza posted a tweet from his account saying that his account with 1.34 million followers got hacked a few days ago. Although he has gained access to his account, a YouTube policy states that the content creator will not be able to make money from the account now.

Asim Azhar along with other famous YouTubers are urging the government to look into this matter and help them secure their accounts by having a YouTube office in Pakistan.


Waqar Zaka has offered YouTube 4500 yard area in Karachi with US Embassy style security if they agree to make their office in Pakistan so that the digital future of our nation ins secure and can grow more actively.



We really hope that this matte is solved and our digital future comes in safe hands which can help it grow rapidly like other countries.


Hashtag #WeWantYouTubeOfficeInPAK is currently trending on Pakistani Twitter. Here’s what people are saying:





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