Pakistani OSTs That We Are Loving These Days!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor
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A Pakistani drama’s OST holds a lot of value to the drama. Many fans only get attracted to the drama because of it’s OST, it tells the tale of the drama and also attracts the audiences. Effective vocals and meaningful lyrics are what make the OSTs super important and pleasant to hear. While the content of the drama is important the first impression usually comes from the OST which makes it even more important. Scroll down for our favorite OSTs of ongoing dramas. You’ll be humming them for a while.
Soulful and meaningful, you’ll be humming this one!

Melodious tune coupled with deep lyrics and Ali Sethi’s voice (AAH!).

Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida
Sung by Saahir Ali Baggah and Afshan Fawad this one is unique and that’s why we like it.

A little upbeat and dramatic, this one is done by the maestro Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Tera Gham Aur Hum
Sung by Naveed Nashad, this one is melodious and unique with lyrics that melt your heart.

Ghissi Piti Mohabbat
Deep and soulful, this one will tingle your heart strings.

Sung by Sahir Ali Bagga this one has a light beat to it.

Light, breezy and fun this one is sung by Nirmal Roy and Shaani Arshad.

Which OST is your favorite, we honestly cant choose! If you settle on one let us know in the comments section.
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