Our Top Picks At This Year’s Karachi Eat!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

OM NOM NOM! Being the foodies that we are, we wouldn’t skip the chance to devour on some great local and international cusines coming together at one place at this year’s Karachi Eat. Attended by a pool of people, this year’s Khi Eat was a massive HIT!
We take this opportunity to give a shoutout to all our favorite stalls that made our visit worth it!

Drty Dogs

This one was over crowded at all times and for all the right reasons! The Mexican drty dog we tried really killed it!. The right flavours, right sauces and the perfect crunch.

Sweet Greens
The Red Chilli Tacos were something we knew we had to stop for but the Drunken Noodles by Sweet Greens were OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! The tangy flavour paired with on-point dressing elevated it to one of our favorites at this year’s Karachi Eat.

Saniya’s Kitchen
Chicken Khowsey by Saniya’s Kitchen was another delight we liked a lot. Loved the condiments it was paired with especially the red chilli chutney.

Happy Donut
Satisfied our sweet tooth with the Nutella Donuts here. Super gooey and moist! Major Yum.

Khicdi Express
Made especially for the food festival, The Khichdi Thaal was a new and a refined take on the basic khichdi entree garnished to perfection with spices and corns.

This budding eatery was serving sweet and savoury baos we wholeheartedly loved, the bun was soft and the flavours were striking the right balance.

Ebaiyaki at Yoshi’s was the one big stop for all the shrimp lovers out there. Delicious shrimp balls served with some perfect dressings proved to be a great treat.

These mini blue sliders caught our eye at the food festival as well. We always love a little drama going on so we HAD to try these!

Burmese Bowls
Easy to handle, easy to love! The Khao-Samosa shots were a flavor burst once they entered our mouth, plus the coconut sauce really won us over.

Sweet Escape
Seems like we weren’t the only ones ending the day with cotton candy!

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