A Lahori’s guide: What to eat in winters



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“Lahore Lahore Aye!!” and why is Lahore Lahore? Because of it’s food! Well apart from many other things. But yeah, FOOD! Lahori food is famous world-wide for it’s taste, for it’s spices, and techniques, and what not! Lahori’s love their food. They’re ready to die for it. Okay, well that was an exaggeration. Well not entirely (yeah some of us have seen what extents Lahore walay go to for food, and honey, it ain’t a pretty picture).

Point being the residents of this metropolis love their foods. And all of them know the go to places. We had the pleasure of talking to a few very staunch Lahoris at team Niche and we came up with a list of what foods a Lahori would eat in winter.



Oh for the love of Gulab Jmaun! It’s our favorite Mithai. Right?! (Why would you even say no). A Kujja is basically a earthenware pot in which gulab jamun are cooked oh so heavenly in a sweet sweet syrup! That moment when you open the lid and steam erupts out of the pot, that, that moment is what Lahori’s live for.



Gulab Jamun




Someone who is a true Lahori knows Siddiq’s name by heart. The best fish in town. The tastiest fish in town! No one cooks it better! NO ONE! Trust us. If it is your first time in Lahore, do not go back without trying this. Oh what a sin that would be.



If you haven’t been in a situation where you just can’t stop ordering plates of Nihari at the Mohammadi Nihari, you have’t actually been in Lahore! Created with the spiciest spices, the most succulent meat.



Lakshmi Chowk is food hub of Lahore. And here you’ll practically find everything you’ve been looking for, for reals! The best Hareesa in town – Amritsari Hareesa. it will leave you licking you fingers, with empty plates in front of you ready to have more.




Who in Lahore hasn’t heard of Zakir Tikka? If anyone reading this hasn’t, (oh wow?!) you’re missing out on life. Zakir tikka is the best Bar be queue in town. And definitely something you DO NOT want to miss out in this winter!




Ask anyone in Lahore about where to get the best Chanay in town. They’re bound to bring up Ghulam Rasool’s name. They’ll send you straight to Ghulam Rasool’s. Because it’s just as simple as that – they really are the best! Oh our mouths are just watering thinking of the delicious chanay!


Well there you have it. And consider not dismissing these options because they are what make the Lahori food scene what it is.

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