Komal Rizvi opens up on abusive marriage & separation




Famous singer Komal Rizvi recently appeared in a podcast where she opened up about her music career, abusive marriage and separation and the one thing she thinks society needs to teach girls today!

The singer correctly opined that where girls are told to abide by husbands, they must also be taught about that one line or limit which no one ever should be allowed to cross. “The biggest mistake of society is that it doesn’t teach a girl about that one line or limit which should not be crossed in any case, I wasn’t taught this. I was taught to abide by my husband and his parents, I was unaware of the other aspect to fight for your basic rights.”

Talking about her abusive marriage where suffered at the hands of her ex-husband for four years, who would beat her and play ‘mental games’ with her, she shared “Agar kisi ne bataya hota keh ziadti karne k saath saath, ziadti ko sehna bhee gunnah hai toh shayd 6 maheeney main main uss cheez se nikal jati.”

Komal Rizvi also reflected back on a time when she had called ‘Shurtay’, the UAE police in an attempt to deal with her abusive husband but was told by them that it was a “domestic matter” and so they could not intervene, and she was left to suffer at the hands of her husband.