Our Favourite Actresses if They Chose Different Careers!



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It’s the 124609th day of quarantine today and our imagination is currently running wild. Which has triggered the subject of ‘ What would our favourite actresses be, had they not chosen to be actors’. It took us a while and some back and forth discussions but we’re proud to say that we are finally here with our list!


Sarwat Gilani – The Art Teacher

This one was literally a no-brainer! The Jawani Phir Nahi Aani actress has been successfully wooing everyone in quarantine with her creativity. The creative mama’s art sessions on Instagram have us hooked!



Sana Javed –  The Air Hostess

There’s really no reason for this one to come through but the very fact everything is so perfect about the Ruswai starlet. We’ve all looked at an air hostess at one point in our lives and wondered how they’re so perfect; so put together, so polished and that is exactly how we feel about Sana Javed!



Mehwish Hayat – The Politician

Mehwish Hayat is definitely and unquestionably politician material and who knows, we may see her as one, one day!



Saboor Aly – The Painter

Totally loving the art pieces she’s been creating so effortlessly lately! We cannot imagine the beauty be anything better than to be a gifted artist!



Hira Mani – The Homemaker

This one just flew in naturally. When we think of Hira Mani – we think of love, kindness, compassion and empathy!



Mahira Khan – The Social Worker

Mahira Khan has been very vocal about women rights and has actively played a role in preaching feminism and the idea of equality – so this choice only made sense!

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Ayeza Khan – The Doctor

Ayeza Khan is the prefect doctor material no questions asked! Don’t you agree?

Ayeza Khan


Saba Qamar – The Writer

Saba Qamar oozes with vibes of high intellect and soberness! What better choice than to be a writer?



Ayesha Omer – The  Nutritionist

We think of all ‘healthy’ things when we think of Ayesha Omar! She’d be a perfect fit for a nutritionist – helping people feel and look their best!

AHI on Twitter: "Ayesha Omar endorses a gluten free, healthy diet ...


Sajal Aly – The Teacher

There’s always this one teacher whom everyone seems to have massive liking for – the staff, students, parents and basically just about everyone. That is the type of teacher we see Sajal Aly as!


And with that we come to the end of our list of actresses and the career choices that would best suit them had they not pursued acting!We throrughly enjoyed putting this list together for you.

Did we miss out on anyone of your favourite actresses? Let us know what your opinions are by dropping a comment on our Instagram page!