Nida Yasir falls victim to thieves on her recent Turkey trip

The morning show host revealed how she had to face thieves and stolen diamonds in Istanbul.



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Recently, we have all been envious of Nida Yasir and her Turkey trip, where she went with husband Yasir Nawaz and her son, watching beautiful pictures from scenic landscapes all over social media. However, the morning show host recently revealed that she also had to face thieves and stolen diamonds on the trip.

Beautiful Pictures Of Nida Yasir with Husband From Turkey | Mag Pakistan

On her way back, Nida revealed that the trio stopped at Istanbul. She said she had already been warned by many people to take care of her belongings especially purse in that city, since it is said that things frequently get stolen there.

Nida said she is not very fond of gold jewelry so has three or four rings only. She said she took her diamond rings and a necklace which she bought years ago from her first pay, to the trip, thinking the stone suits her.

However, upon reaching Istanbul she said she took off the jewelry and placed it in a pouch inside a big purse which she placed inside a cupboard in her hotel room. However, the day she was supposed to leave, when she opened her purse to take out the rings and necklace from her pouch, she realized the diamond jewelry was no longer there and had been stolen!

Nida Yasir said, before leaving the country, her last four hours were spent at a Turkish police station, where she had been waiting in attempts to file a complaint. Being in a foreign land where she knew no one and also had to face a language barrier, she said she really felt the pain of those who are helpless before the system.

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