Netizens debate yesterday’s Internet Outage: Network issues or government crackdown?




Following yesterday’s internet outage, where internet services were temporarily suspended prior to the protests organized by ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan, netizens have been debating the cause for the countrywide issue- speculating between network issues or pre-planned closure by the government.

The incident came amidst the government’s attempts to control rallies and a long march to the capital organized by former Prime Minister Imran Khan.


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As per reports, the country faced disruptions to service from multiple providers across Pakistan after 5 p.m. local time Wednesday. Service was restored after approximately two hours following a backlash from subscribers, and some internet providers claiming an issue in the country’s web filtering infrastructure.

While Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued a clarification stating that there was no planned shut down of the internet in the country, explaining it as being ” a minor issue in the quality of its service”, Twitter did not seem to buy that reason and had its own explanations for the problem.