Imran Khan Lashes at Bilawal Bhutto, Calls Him a ‘Sahiba’

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas

Source: Dunya TV

PM Imran Khan during an address in South Waziristan passed sexist remarks against People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, calling him a ‘Sahiba’.

“I came into power through struggle and hard work unlike Bilawal Sahiba who, using the will of her mother became the head of the political party.” – Imran Khan.

Sahiba which means miss or madam in Urdu made everyone furious and the clip of him saying this was spread like fire all across social media where people criticized him for not maintaining his grace. A lot of people thought it was a slip of tongue yet many others took this all as an insult to the women gender.

Women all across the country got offended and deeply disappointed saying Imran khan thinks being a women is an insult and can easily call someone a ‘sahiba’ to disrespect him, further on for which he owes an apology to all the women out there.

Have a look at some of these tweets.

A twitter user:

Soon after the video went viral  Bilawal took over twitter and responded as:

Nonetheless PM Imran Khan was under fire for another comment he made during his official visit to Iran where he said that Japan and Germany share a border to which Bilawal again responded as: