Netizens defend Sajal Aly from trolls mocking her




Netizens recently came to Pakistani sensation Sajal Aly ‘s rescue as she became the target of unfair online trolling after a clip in which she could be seen making a statement which leaned towards the philosophical side of things. “People should start rising in love, instead of falling in love”, said the star in a candid message meant to share an important life lesson with her fans.

Even though there was nothing wrong with either the content of what she had said, or the grammatical use of her English, some trolls took it as an opportunity to mock the star for her intelligence.

However, the Yeh Dil Mera star’s fans were not ready to allow trolls to poke fun at the actress. Many criticized how Pakistanis are quick to demean or poke fun at their own actors for no reason.

Others commented on how we will idolize and glorify foreign celebrities for their slightest gestures, but are very different when it comes to our own people.

While many rushed to explain what Sajal Aly had meant by her words to show their love and support for the actress!