Xarnish Khan slams netizens for mocking Meera’s English

“Stop being so shallow please🙏”, wrote the actress.



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Xarnish Khan recently took to Instagram to call out people for making memes and crop out videos endlessly mocking leading film actress Meera Khan for her English mistakes. “Stop being so shallow please🙏”, wrote the actress.

Throwing light on the topic of language- and how many of us constantly live under an inferiority complex, where we give more importance to English than we do to Urdu, the language of our own country and ancestors, Zarnish wrote “Yaar bas kardoh veyli awaam. I’m pretty sure all the people who make such memes or cut-out video clips are a bunch of idiots themselves jinko angrezi tu kya, apni zuban bhee ba-mushkil aati hogi.”

Expressing her disapproval of repetitively mocking somebody else, simply for their lack of access to quality education which may enable them to learn and speak the English language, she wrote “Maybe she can’t speak well in English but is that a crime?”

The actress posted in response to a video of Meera from a recent awards show, which has recently been making rounds on social media.

With her post, Xarnish Khan has reminded us to STOP treating English as if it is the ultimate test for somebody’s character, intelligence or personality. We must rise above our colonized mindsets, where we are still living under the oppressive rule of our White masters many decades after their exit from our land: thinking that failing to speak in English correctly, is equivalent to committing a horrendous crime.

English is simply a language, those who do not know it don’t have to. And the ones who want to learn it, should be welcome to try their hand at it, make mistakes, and eventually learn or not learn it. Just like any other language in the world! Let us know your thoughts and opinions on the topic in the comments section below!