Nadia Jamil talks about workplace harassment, reveals she recently refused to work with a director

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Veteran actress Nadia Jamil was a guest on Iffat Omar’s YouTube channel where the two discussed the prevailing issue of workplace harassment in the film industry. Jamil revealed that she has now stopped placing herself in unsafe situations with people who have harassed her, and had even rejected a film offer because the director who had harassed her was leading the project.

“It’s not worth it putting myself in any position where there are toxic people around me, I just stay away from it,” said Jamil.

Iffat Omar said the men who harassed other women were the same hypocrites who quickly slandered survivors with allegations that they were liars.

Nadia said she contemplated about revealing the name of her harasser, fearing that he would do the same to countless other women. Iffat Omar said she had decided to keep shut about naming harassers publicly, joking that this was the reason why cases were filed against her.

The ‘Behadd’ actress said she would name her harasser publicly when her sons have grown up.