Nadia Afgan shares struggle with miscarriages, depression and hormonal issues after criticism for not having children




Social media users can often get ridiculous with the kind of comments they make about others and their lives. The most recent case being Nadia Afgan’s remarks upon being asked why she does not have children.

On a recent show, Nadia stated ‘I don’t particularly desire kids, there are so many kids in the world’, when host Ahsan Khan asked her about plans for having children. Nadia made the statement in a light manner not realizing all the judgement and criticism it would incite.

However, social media users were quick to pass harsh and scathing remarks against the actress, criticizing her for what should, by all means, be a completely personal choice for all women and couples.

Regardless, it soon turned out that on the show, Nadia Afgan had narrated- but only part of her reasons for not having children. Addressing all the social media hate, she took to social media writing “I had decided years ago that I will never ever talk about this publicly because it was just too painful. It still is. But this is needed.” The actress shared that she had been unable to have children because of medical difficulties- and had suffered from two miscarriages, battled depression, struggled with panic attacks and hormonal issues- as a result of which the couple finally decided to give up on the idea of having children.


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Whatever Nadia’s reasons may have been, it is high time people understood that motherhood is a choice, not a condition. The desire to have or not have children is NOT something that must be the same for all women- instead it is something that all individuals should have the right to chose and decide for themselves!